The PBN Complete Player Development Model (CPDM) combines our skill development, character development, and tournament team programs for the entire 2017 year.  The CPDM is designed to focus 65% of the time on skill & character development, 25% on game concept, and 10% on game play.  This powerful player development model has been used by some of the top programs in the world to produce world class Olympic and professional athletes.  This program is not the typical “pay to play” travel baseball program with hopes of winning championships and replacing players each year.  Our goal is to provide exceptional training and help our players become successful on and off the field.  We emphasize the importance of personal character, confidence, mental toughness, teamwork, dedication, academics, and many other intangibles that high school coaches, college coaches, pro scouts, and employers place a high value on.

Here is how our unique program works:

Depending on your goals, you can choose to participate in our skill development program only or our tournament team and skill development combination.  Our skill development program includes a wide range of special classes including Explosive Sports Performance (speed, agility, and strength) training by Dave Bixius and his staff.  Depending on your schedule and participation in other sports, you can choose to play on a tournament team for the full year (spring/summer and fall) or play in the spring/summer or fall only.

As a tournament team player (full year, spring/summer or fall only), you will have free access to our 20,000 square foot facility and skill development classes. Whether you participate in our skill development program only or on a tournament team, you will also be invited to attend any of our special clinics, camps, instructional seminars, college coach combines (13-17U players only), and other events at discounted rates.

Simply register by clicking on the Registrations tab, fill out the new member registration form, and select the desired PBN program.  Once registered, you will set up your password protected secured account.

To help offset costs, we offer special sibling discounts for families with more than one athlete in our program.  We have also set up a variety of sponsorship, fundraising, and scholarship programs for individual players as well as teams to participate in.  The money earned by individuals and teams through these programs will be applied directly to players’ accounts.  Our ultimate goal is to build a sponsorship and scholarship program that significantly reduces all of the PBN Players’ fees.