Over the past 20 years, youth baseball has evolved from the beloved recreational programs we all grew up with to the modern day “pay to play” concept designed to make money with little emphasis on the athletic development of young athletes and no emphasis on the development of the athletes’ character.  These programs produce great baseball players, but most of those players would be just as great regardless of the pay to play travel program they play for.  The typical pay to play programs use great buzz words like “travel ball”, “elite team”, and “showcase” to entice parents to believe that joining these programs is the only way their son or daughter can get a chance to play at the next level.  Unfortunately, that simply is not the case.

PBN (Pennsylvania Baseball Network) is a very unique program with an entirely difference concept designed train our athletes for baseball while instilling the core values necessary for them to develop for and succeed in life.  The PBN Complete Player Development Model (CPDM) combines our skill development program and tournament team programs with a full commitment to academic excellence, character development, community involvement, leadership, self-confidence, and nutritional awareness. The CPDM is designed to focus 65% of the time on skill development, 25% on game concept, and 10% on game play. This powerful player development model has been used by some of the top programs in the world to produce world class Olympic and professional athletes in a wide range of sports.

Our program is not the typical “pay to play” travel baseball program with hopes of winning championships and replacing players each year to make us look better. Our goal is to provide exceptional training and help our players become successful on and off the field. We emphasize the importance of academics, personal character, confidence, mental toughness, teamwork, many other intangibles that high school coaches, college coaches, pro scouts, and employers place an extremely high value on.

We understand that not all young athletes progress at the same rate so we offer skill development programs and tournament team programs from ages 7-17.  We also understand that not everyone can afford the typical pay to play programs.  Our program is designed to provide all young athletes the opportunity to develop their skills at the appropriate pace and allow parents to select the programs that best fits their budget.  Through the help of a local foundation, PBN fundraisers, and PBN sponsor programs, our program can be much more affordable than expected.

Through our skill development program, we work with recreational players to help them be more successful and improve their self-confidence.  Our tournament team programs allow each athlete to participate in tournaments at the appropriate level to provide the best opportunity for long-term success.  The athletes who exemplify advanced skill sets have the opportunity to participate in tournaments at the “Elite” level.  Depending on the skill level, some of our teams play in local tournaments, some play in out-of-town tournaments, and some play in out-of-state tournaments.

Many young athletes dream of playing in the big leagues. Some only hope to make a tournament team or a high school team.  Some only want to enjoy the experiences with their friends in the local recreational league.  Our program is designed to help all of our athletes be more successful and give them a better chance at chasing their dream.  Championships are great and we certainly enjoy winning them, but the success of our program will always be measured by the success of our athletes on and off the field.